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The Darwin Judo Club is a welcoming and family-oriented establishment that aims to foster a enjoyable and healthy way of life through the practice of one of the world’s most renowned martial arts, Judo
At Aiki Shuren Dojo Adelaide, we practice traditional Iwama style Aikido. Adults and kids classes available. Beginners welcome.
We build confidence, strength and power within. We do this through physical movement and development of the mind. We are a friendly community that comes together to learn the way to self development of the mind. We do Aikido differently. We are South
World Aikido Yoga: Integrating the traditional training methods employed by the Japanese marital art of Aikido with the ancient science of yoga.
Located in the heart of the Dandenong Ranges, Lionheart Academy brings world class martial arts and fitness to people of all ages, starting from 3yrs up
Field Aikido Centres is a Martial Arts School offering Aikido classes in Prahran, Australia for kids, men and women. Field Aikido Centres is Located at 227-229 High Street.
Aikido Yoshinkai NSW is a full time dojo located in Marrickville. the dojo has a sprung floor and permanently laid tatami mats with a training area of 220sqm. There are change rooms and showers.
Based in the Bayside area of Melbourne, Aikido Bayside is a modern Japanese martial art incorporating joint-lock and throwing techniques applied in self-defence with the intent by causing only minimal damage to the attacker
The UniSA Shodokan Aikido club offers practice of a Japanese Martial Art in self-defense, fitness and the opportunity to meet new people in a safe environment.
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