2019 Queensland National All Styles State Championship

The Sunshine State recently enjoyed an exciting weekend of martial arts with the opening of the 2019 Queensland National All Styles State Championship taking place on October 13th.

The tournament featured talented competitors in a slew of disciplines in more than 73 divisions. For many competitors, participating in the tournament it was a chance to test their mettle against other devotees who have likewise spent years honing their still.

The event started off strong with the “Male Black Belts And Veteran” divisions kicking things off at 8 am and took place in the Carrara Indoor Sports Stadium on the Gold Coast, featuring martial arts schools from all over the state and northern New South Wales.

Something for everyone

The Queensland Championship capped off the tournament circuit which started in the state in early March. The more than 73 divisions competed in included everything from kata displays to points sparring to weapons and self-defense demonstrations.

NAS Australian Championship

Now, all roads for the martial artists who participated in the Queensland State championship lead to Melbourne. This tournament along with similar ones being held later this month in NSW and VIC are set to culminate in the 2019 NAS Australian Championship at the Venue Springers Leisure Center from November 30th to December 1st in Victoria.

About National All Styles

Almost 40 years after it was founded in Victoria, the National All Styles organization has risen to become one of the premier martial art tournament circuits in Australia.

More than 5000 competitors take to the mat each year in capital cities and regional areas across the country representing many diverse disciplines. There are practitioners in Kung Fu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Silat, Hapkido and Tai Chi just to name a few.

The lofty goals of National All Styles of uniting martial artists and fostering friendship and goodwill among all people will no doubt be on display throughout the rest of the tournament run. It is a great opportunity for avid martial arts fans and those with just a passing interest in any of the many disciplines represented to get involved and encourage the competitors both young and old.

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