How martial arts can benefit mental health

How martial arts can benefit mental health

There are numerous benefits to getting involved in martial arts. Whether it’s for physical fitness, community involvement, or to gain a sense of accomplishment, people come to dojos in Australia to experience the positive impact martial arts can have upon their lives. However, there is one benefit of martial arts that is commonly overlooked – the effect of martial arts on mental health.

Martial arts and mental health

Mental health issues are a growing problem in Australia, with significant social and economic impacts. In addition, many people do not seek assistance for mental health problems. Not commonly known, however, is that participation in martial arts has been shown to be an effective method of promoting and maintaining good mental health. Recent studies have indicated that undergoing a six-month taekwondo program led to reports of significantly reduced anxiety afterwards and that training in tai-chi reduced anxiety and depression amongst its participants.

The effects of martial arts on mental health

Research has shown that martial arts can have a number of positive effects on mental well-being. Martial arts can reduce stress, boost self-esteem, and increase focus and concentration, leading to a calmer state of mind. The philosophies of martial arts can be beneficial in this regard, with their focus upon mindfulness, discipline and self-reliance helping to maintain mood and encourage a positive self-image. Additionally, the physical activity associated with martial arts also releases endorphins inside your brain – the feel-good chemicals known for improving mood, and promoting positive well-being. The social aspects of martial arts are also beneficial to mental health, as attending a dojo leads to increased social interaction and provides involvement with a supportive community. All considered, participating in martial arts is an effective way to not only improve physical fitness but also to develop and maintain a healthy state of mind.

Getting involved

With mental health issues becoming increasingly common, martial arts are an excellent way to encourage and maintain good mental health and can be adapted to suit treatment plans and physical requirements. Whether you want to improve your mental health, increase your fitness level, or even just make some new friends, martial arts are a great place to start.

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