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Judo in Caulfield

Judo is a martial art that originated in Japan in the late 19th century, and it has a long and rich history in many parts of the world. In Caulfield, Melbourne, Judo has been practiced since the early 1960s.

The first Judo club in Caulfield, Melbourne was established in the early 1960s by Sensei Michael Gaffney, who was a 1st dan black belt in Judo. Sensei Gaffney had trained in Judo in Japan and had competed in many tournaments, and he brought his knowledge and experience to the students in Caulfield.

The Caulfield Judo Club grew quickly in popularity, and it soon became one of the leading Judo clubs in the area. Sensei Gaffney continued to teach and train students in Caulfield for many years, and he helped to establish Judo as a popular martial art in the area.

Over the years, many other Judo clubs and instructors have also become active in Caulfield and the surrounding areas. Today, there are several Judo clubs in Caulfield and Melbourne, and Judo continues to be a popular martial art practiced by people of all ages and backgrounds.

In addition to its physical benefits, Judo also promotes mental and spiritual development, and it teaches important values such as discipline, respect, and humility. Whether practiced for self-defense, competition, or personal growth, Judo has a rich history and continues to be an important part of the martial arts community in Caulfield and beyond.

Caulfield judo instructors

  1. Kancho Barry Bradshaw, 10th Dan: Grandmaster Kancho B.W.Bradshaw, one of the first All-Australian Globally Recognized 10th Dan Black Belt Masters in this nation and a martial arts pioneer, formed our organisation (10th Dan is the highest Master level awarded). A unique Legend award from the Australian Martial Arts Hall of Fame was also given to Kancho Bradshaw.
  2. Sensei Miki Mayer: Sensei Mayer is a 5th dan black belt Former Israel National Champion and medalist in many European junior competitions as well as Victorian International Open Champion and has Coached many champions in Israel and in Australia at all levels.
  3. Sensei Arthur Moorshead OAM: Sensei Arthur Moorshead started his judo career when he was 8 years old. Together with many others, he studied under M. Otani, T. Leggett, and Kenshiro Abbe.
    He moved to Australia in 1961 after receiving his 4th Dan rank. After that, he stopped competing in Judo due to an injury sustained during a match.
    He received his IJF “B” Referees licence in 1985, and in 1988 he was chosen as the manager and coach of the Australian Judo Team for the Olympics in Seoul.
    Although Arthur passed away in 2010, the club has continued with the accomplished teachers named above, some of whom were his students, and they continue to impart the traditional judo ideals to people from all areas of life.

Cualfied Judo Dojo’s

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