The Australian Martial Arts Championship Titles are coming soon to NSW

The world of mixed martial arts is heating up, with the best of the best meeting soon to fight it out for the title of AMA Champion. If you follow Martial Arts News, then you will be aware that the final of the Australian Martial Arts Championships are being held this year on the 30th of November and the 1st of December at the Port Macquarie Indoor Stadium in New South Wales.

About the Australian Martial Arts Championships

The AMAC is the flagship of the World Martial Arts Championships. Since it was first held in 1993, it has run throughout Australia since 2008. It features over 20 tournaments which take place throughout the year in four different states: NSW, QLD, VIC, and ACT. There are also a number of regional tournaments held throughout the year. National Titles are held every year, while International Regional Titles are held every two years and the World Titles are held every three years. This is one of the biggest martial arts events in Australia.

Who takes part in the AMAC?

The competitors are considered the best in Australia, having qualified at any two AMAC events around Australia and achieved Top 10 at a State Titles Event. As well as being one of the most noteworthy events in MMA in Australia, the event is open to all styles and everyone is welcome. If you have been following the championships, you will know that the regional rounds have already taken place (you can view the results here). If you are planning to attend the AMAC Titles, you can be certain that you will be seeing some of the most elite Martial Arts contestants in Australia.

Head to Port Macquarie, NSW for MMA

If you are interested in all things MMA, then you will want to be in Port Macquarie at the end of November to cheer on the competitors in karate, MMA, Aikido, Krav Maga, or Taekwondo. There are a range of other competitions taking place as well, including non-contact sports, as well as swordplay and sumo wrestling. The Australian Martial Arts Championships in NSW are sure to be an exciting event.

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