Why Judo is the perfect martial art for young children to get involved in

Why Judo is the perfect martial art for young children to get involved in

More often than not, many small children will get involved in physical activity of some sort. As a parent, it can be tricky figuring out which sport or martial art will provide the best physical and emotional growth for your child. While most martial arts are excellent choices for children to begin to grow their confidence, there is one in particular that many parents gravitate towards, and for good reason: Judo.

Here are some of the reasons why Judo is an excellent choice of martial arts for your child.

It teaches them self-defence

Ultimately, you just want your child to go through life feeling safe. Judo is a martial arts sport that focuses on techniques that you can equip yourself with in order to defend yourself in uncomfortable and frightening situations. While you hope that it never comes to such a scenario for your child, if it does, you can rest a little easier knowing they have a tool of defence.


While every kid is allowed an element of naughtiness during their younger years, you also don’t want them to run riot. Not only is this a problem for you as a parent, but it could lead to selfishness in adulthood. Luckily, Judo teaches discipline through repetition of exercises and drills, teaching young children patience and respect for their peers and Judo master.

Gender equality

While martial arts, in general, are good at enforcing gender balance, Judo is especially so. Girls and boys train and spar together, and neither gender is given an advantage – girls are not treated as inferior to boys, and boys are not taught to feel or act superior to girls. This encourages kindness and humility from a young age which, let’s face it, are two things the world could always have more of.

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