WMAC Oceania Titles 2020

The World Martial Arts Championships was founded in 2007. It operates throughout the world, using generalised rules suited to a range of martial arts styles including Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Kung Fu. Events are held throughout the year in participating countries, including Australia.

Australia is hosting the Oceania Titles in 2020!

Regional championships are held every two years. In 2020, Australia is hosting the Oceania Titles with competitors from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Japan, Portugal and Sri Lanka. The titles will be held over two days (March 21-22) at the Melbourne Convention Centre on South Wharf in Victoria. The games are part of the Arnold Sports Festival, giving you an opportunity to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger in person.

The tournament is an open event, so you do not need to qualify or be part of the AMAC squad to participate. Competitors are able to qualify to compete in the USA through successful participation in this event.

Events include Forms, Freestyle sparring, Weapons, Sword Combat, Sumo and Points Sparring, including non-contact and contact. There will also be a team event (state of origin) as well as demonstrations. A draft version of the tournament's program is available but subject to change up until one week prior to the Oceania Titles.

How do you register?

All styles and organisations are invited to participate in this event. There are categories for all ages and stages of training. To participate you must register online as either an athlete, coach, club or official. Once registration is complete, you can select the events you wish to participate in. Just follow the link from the WMAC page and follow the instructions provided. Spectators are also welcome.

The tournament will operate according to WMAC rules which can be downloaded from their website [WMAC 2020 registration form]. Details of approved protective gear are also available for download. This gives competitors adequate time to familiarise themselves with the regulations and ensure their protective equipment is appropriate for the event.

The Oceania Titles will be an action-packed two days. There will be ample opportunity for martial arts athletes to compete in a range of events at an exacting level. In addition, demonstrations and interaction with teams from other clubs will inspire your future efforts.

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